WTS multi-language enterprise foreign trade station

Multi-language support
Multi-domain support: different domain names or different folder paths for different languages
Multi-database support: ACCESS, MSSQL
Multi-state support: dynamic, static, pseudo-static
Multi-template support: Easily switch site styles
Multi-level classification support: theoretically unlimited extension
Multi-extension support: fully compatible with Html, Html5, Xml, WML, XHtml, Rss
Multi-terminal support: computer, tablet, mobile phone, WeChat API

Console Center is easy to manage so much

Full support for SEO optimization
Statically customize the URL,
Title, description, keyword controlable,
Simple DNS control (easy to implement 301 jumps),

Program structure improvement, core module integration, comprehensively improve program code reusability
Database module,
File module,
Verification module,
Naming module,
Page module,
Address rewriting module,
Image processing module,
Mail module (inquiry email prompt reminder),
Upload module (adding anti-trojan upload function),
Label module,

Program running structure is more clear and reasonable, easy to develop
Web page control module,
Template module (xml+xslt integration, data and structure separation),
Language module,

Program function module to achieve customer function requirements
Product page module,
News page module,
Member page module,
Message page module,
Inquiry car module

The use of program caching technology is more stable
Code cache,
Image cache,
Web cache,
Database cache,

CMS article management system, more convenient and efficient to customize special modules for customers
Corporate Information,
News information,
Case show,
common problem,

Practical plug-ins to improve management efficiency
Batch product import and export,
Fast data backup,
Multilingual fast translation,
Website garbage cleanup,

B2C simple module
Support membership level,
Support inventory management,
Support international logistics ladder pricing,
Support international currency conversion,
Support international and domestic online payment,
Support product evaluation management,
Support shopping cart